2gether NL

3 months you stayed with me in the Netherlands.
3 wonderful months 2gether.
3 months that passed so quickly.
Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain and Italy.
Still so many to discover and experience.

Thank you asawa ko, for this super time.
Now we know for sure:
We belong 2gether 4ever.

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2gether NL

  1. you guys make such a lovely couple, it’s so easy to see the endless love you have for each other.

    congratulations on your engagement!

    I originally popped along for a sneaky peek at the beautiful and sexy lady, as would be expected by any male blessed with the gift of sight.

    however, now I’m just dying to see to wonderful couples wedding photos, even more than than I’m looking forwards to the next season of game of thrones.

    the wedding cake topper of the pair of you looks amazing.

    I sincerely wish you both all the best for what is sure to be a wonderful future together.

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