2gether PH

When they say “WOW Philippines”,
they are thinking of you!

From the first day we met,
we were home.
Feeling comfortable and excited all the time.

Holding hands, looking in each other’s eyes,
hugging, spooning, making love,
but also swimming, cooking, exploring, discovering, and
just being 2gether doing nothing.

It’s more fun in the Philippines…
… especially by your side!

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2gether PH

  1. Hi gusy u look perfect both of you 🙂 would like too see more hoping. Any wibsite? hopeing u guys seem more both of you 🙂 video thanks!

  2. Glad to meet you two. It’s great to see 2 people get along as well as you. Feramones make you click and you have it. It helps to have such a beautiful lady to share your life with. Hopefully we will be able to see all your sexy pictures.

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